How to get ray tracing in Minecraft with RTX Update on Windows 10

Everything you must know about how to get ray tracing in Minecraft through the RTX beta update on windows 10.

The Xbox Series X recently showcased its ray tracing capabilities through Minecraft of all games, but instead of just witnessing screenshots and videos PC players will soon be able to experience the graphical improvements firsthand thanks to Nvidia’s RTX beta for windows 10.

Ray tracing for Minecraft was announced back in 2019 but it’s only now that players will be able to experience graphical improvements such as hard and soft shadows, plus global illumination firsthand rather than just see them in screenshots which could be manipulated.



You can find out all you need to know about the RTX beta’s graphical improvements by clicking the link below, otherwise keep reading to discover how to install the beta so you can explore multiple ray tracing worlds.

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