Sitting Stepper - The Seated Leg Exerciser for Pelvic Limb Blood Cirulation

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Brand: FootFit

Color: Gray


  • FootFit Improve Blood Circulation Foot Footrest Leg Exerciser Carf Mucsle
  • Put both right and left feet on Footfit and exercise by turns
  • Leg exercise pedal device,at the desk in the office,during working or studying or TV-watching,
  • It is sedentary sporting equipment that the elderly whose joints are weak can also use it without hurting knees.
  • For office workers who lack exercise, FOOT-FIT can give you the same effect as walking if you just put your feet on it and exercise during work.

Publisher: FootFit

Details: Leg Exercise Equipment at office as well as at home ∙Office workers who lack exercise can put their feet on the Footfit during break time and experience the same effect as walking with just a simple leg exercise which helps blood circulation. ∙Office workers who spend over 8 hours sitting, barely exercising due to busy schedule, can work and exercise at the same time which helps maintain health. ∙It has a large-effect on preventing varicose veins, common in jobs that require standing or sitting for long periods of time. ∙Calf, the second heart, acts as a pump that pulls up the blood from lower body to the heart. ∙People who sit for long periods of time don’t move calf muscle which blocks the blood from going up to the heart and results in blood pooling. ∙Footfit enables you to work and exercise (by seesaw motion of ankle) at the same time sedentarily. It makes calf muscle relax and contract which pumps blood in the lower body to the heart and prevent all sorts of blood vessel related diseases.

Package Dimensions: 15.2 x 12.0 x 5.6 inches

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