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Brand: Luckies of London


  • SLEEK, COOL HEADPHONE STAND – This unique headphone stand looks cool in any home, bedroom, living room or office, keeping your headphones out of the way from damage
  • EARPHONE HOLDER – Not only can Rock On protect your headphones, it can also serve as an earphone holder too, allowing you to hang cables over the Rock On hand
  • PC HEADSET HOLDER – This highly functional desk accessory can also be used to protect your much loved gaming headset and it’s accessories, perfect for any avid gamer that wants to protect their headset
  • HAND WAY TO STAY ORGANIZED – Music will always be within reach with this Golden over-sized hand effigy. You’ll proudly display your headphones with the rock On headset stand. It measures 11 x 5.4 x 3.6 inches and fits seamlessly on most desks and Nightstands.
  • ULTRA STURDY AND PORTABLE DESIGN – The headset holder is made with a plaster cast resin. This high-quality material creates a sturdy base that won’t tip over. The headphone mount is portable; perfect for use in and out of the studio.

Binding: Office Product

Publisher: Luckies of London

Release Date: 30-09-2018

Details: Luckies Rock On Headphone Stand Finished in Antique Gold, this attractive yet functional headphone stand looks cool on any desk at home or at the office with its plethora of uses, it's a must have for Earbud earphones and a multitude of headphones, compact to Over Ear along with their cables and more! How many times have you put your headphones to one side to find that you can no longer find them? Or found your headphones in bits because they’ve been sat on?It can be frustrating, but we often put off investing in a headphone stand, assuming it to be nothing more than a novelty item. Although there are different designs available, the use of a headphone stand can be integral, especially if you’re looking to safeguard expensive equipment. Another reason why some may not invest in a headphone holder is because of the limitations some offer. However, this doesn’t mean that you must forgo an amazing design when looking for an effective headphone holder. Whatever you’re looking for with regards to headphone storage, the Luckies of London Rock On headphone holder is not only the ideal way to store your headphones but also makes a statement about your love of music.It’s also more flexible as to how headphones are stored, meaning that regardless of what headphones you use, the Rock On headphone stand can hold them with no issues. Hand Horns: Music Personified Anyone who has a vested interested in rock and heavy metal music will only be too familiar with the hand-horn gesture. Although the gesture can embody a series of different meanings, in contemporary use, it’s mostly associated with the music industry. This can still be seen in concerts today and is a gesture that’s still used by a slew of musicians in the modern age. As well as being popularized by Dio during his run with Black Sabbath, the hand horns would be used a plethora of different musicians and acts throughout the 60’s, 70’s and ‘80s, including The Beatles and KISS. This gesture is perfectly captured in the guise of the Rock On headphone holder. Introducing the Rock On Headphone stand Rock On makes a big statement in a simple way. Its hand-horns gesture is understood by music fans around the world, so can make the ideal gift for any lover of music.Rock On headphone holder is designed to show your inner rebel, while still offering a practical use for avid music fanatics.Rock On headphone holder measures in at 11 x 5.4 x 3.6 inches and offer an alluring antique gold finish.The plaster-cast resin ensures that the headphone holder stays grounded, even when knocked, making it the perfect gift for any avid musician, DJ, gamer or music lover in general. Perfect for the Studio Depending on where a musician is recording, places to put headphones on when focusing other aspects of the track can be limited, especially within a small studio, and there’s nothing worse than searching around for them when trying to listen back to a mix. Headphones can be perfectly placed upon Rock On, meaning when in the flow of creativity, you’re not having to change gear to locate your headphones in various crooks and crannies. Regardless of whether you’re working within a home studio or recording with a band in a professional studio, Rock On headphone holder is the perfect companion. Just as Efficient in the Office Despite the bold design of Rock On, it’s small enough to be placed anywhere without being a hindrance, and this includes your desk.Given the amount of clutter that can accumulate through the day in an office environment means it makes sense to have something nearby that can easily store earbuds, and what better Rock On headphone holder. The Perfect Gift for a Lover of Music What do you buy the music fanatic that has everything? Rock On headphone stand of course! Regardless of whether they’re clapping along to Queen or enjoy the energy of Slipknot, Rock On helps showcase their love of music in a unique way.

Package Dimensions: 11.9 x 5.7 x 3.9 inches

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