Kaliber Gaming KORONA RGB Gaming Mouse

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RGB Gaming Mouse

Kaliber Gaming's KORONA RGB Gaming Mouse is an excellent choice for both up-and-coming gamers, as well as experienced enthusiasts that want great performance at a great value. KORONA gets its name from the multi-colored ring of LEDs that surround the mouse in beautiful RGB illumination, like the corona which surrounds the sun. Inside KORONA is an impressive gaming-grade optical sensor delivering excellent performance in all FPS, MMO and RTS games. On the outside KORONA features a classic shape with anti-slip rubber side panels that provide a comfortable, non-slip grip for extended gaming sessions. Shift-on-the-fly dpi buttons and built-in memory for storing custom macros round out the key features that help make KORONA an excellent performer and an overall great value.

Macro Buttons

Use the Kaliber Gaming software to program up to 7 buttons with macros or custom functions

5000 dpi Optical Sensor

Shift-on-the-fly adjustable resolution from 400 to 5000 dpi with gaming grade optical sensor

Software Programmable Buttons

The KORONA RGB Gaming Mouse buttons are programmable using the Kaliber Gaming software to access numerous user created functions. With the Kaliber Gaming user interface you can set mouse buttons for keyboard commands, create macros, and execute functions that would normally be much more difficult. In addition to gaming functions, KORONA's programmable buttons can be programmed to make desktop functions much easier. Turn buttons into hotkeys to control media playback, insert text strings or act as direct links to open files or programs. With the Kaliber Gaming user interface, KORONA can be a powerful Photoshop, AutoCAD or Solidworkstool by day, and the ultimate gaming accessory by night!

  • 7 buttons with macro programming software
  • RGB backlighting with 11 lighting modes
  • Up to 5000 dpi optical sensor
  • Shift-on-the-fly dpi adjustment
  • Double injected non-slip rubber side panels
  • Non-slip rubber coated click wheel
  • 125/500/1000Hz adjustable report rate
  • 32KB built-in memory

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