Nixeus Revel Gaming Mouse

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Designed with feedback from enthusiasts and gaming mouse community - the Nixeus Revel Gaming Mouse is the world's first gaming mouse with a Pixart PWM 3360 Optical Sensor and 8 preset DPI settings. It's durable lightweight design and enthusiasts grade features allow for competitive PC gamers to perform more consistent and longer at their highest levels.

Enthusiasts Grade Components & Features:

PixArt 3360 Optical Sensor - At the heart of the Nixeus REVEL Gaming Mouse is the world's newest and most advance optical gaming mouse sensor. The PixArt 3360 Sensor is the most trusted and in demand by enthusiasts enabling the Nixeus REVEL Gaming Mouse to have zero hardware acceleration and flawless 1:1 tracking.

Omron Switches - The left and right mouse buttons integrate durable Omron switches that lasts up to 20 million clicks.

Teflon Mouse Feet: To ensure the best tracking performance, the Nixeus Revel Gaming Mouse use Teflon mouse skates that are the most durable and best mouse skates in the world to provide a smooth consistent glide across almost any mouse pad.

Designed for eSports Professionals, Enthusiasts and Competitive Gamers:

Light Weight Design -
Similar to pro tennis athletes or Track & Field athletes requiring durable lightweight equipment to be able to perform consistently at an elite level - professional and competitive Gamers also need reliable lightweight gaming mice due to the fact that they may make hundreds to thousands of mouse movements per gaming session. The Nixeus Revel Gaming Mouse's durable compact body weighs at just 85 grams to help minimize fatigue and improve consistency during crucial competitive gaming sessions.

Low Lift Off Distance - The Nixeus Revel Mouse is designed with a low lift off distance that stops tracking once the mouse is lifted a few millimeters (under 2.0 mm) off from its tracking surface to fully support PC gamers using low mouse sensitivity settings.

8 DPI Settings - Preset DPI settings of 400, 800, 1200, 1600, 2000, 3200, 5000, 12000 allows you to instantly adjust mouse sensitivity on the fly for your gaming preferences without the need for additional software or drivers.

  • Plug and play USB interface for a quick and perfect configuration with Computer
  • PixArt PMW3360 movement detection for precise cursoring
  • 5-buttons scroll wheel provides convenient and easy navigation

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