Plugable VGA To HDMI Active Adapter With Audio

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The Plugable VGA to HDMI Active Adapter provides a link to the computers of yesteryear. When older computers only provide a VGA output for displays, this adapter offers a means to connect those older machines to a more modern, HDMI capable monitor or television. Our adapter serves as a simple, active solution to connecting your older computers to newer displays. It also features audio transmission and supplies power through its attached USB 2.0 cable.

  • Only supports connecting from an analog VGA output on a PC to a digital HDMI input on a display, monitor, or TV. Will not convert in the opposite direction. If HDMI to VGA conversion is necessary, the Plugable HDMI-VGA Converter Cable is a better choice for that setup
  • Adapter's built-in USB cable plugs into a free USB port on your system to provide power and transmit audio to HDMI displays with speakers. Plug and play with no extra drivers needed; USB Audio Class drivers are built into Windows XP and later, Linux, and OS X
  • Supports display resolutions of 1920�1080@60Hz (1080P). Lower resolutions such as 1600�900 and 1366�768 (720p) are also supported
  • Convert your computer's VGA port to HDMI. This adapter enables connecting VGA-equipped computers to monitors, televisions, and projectors with HDMI input.

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