Predator Galea 300 Gaming Headset

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Immerse Yourself in Awesome!

Don't just play the game-live it! Acer's Predator Galea 300 delivers epic, mind-blowing sound and tournament-grade clarity that makes you'll feel like you're inside the game, battling the enemy. Enjoy crystal-clear highs with resounding lows that respond quickly to precisely reproduce vocals and mid-high range notes, while the unique acoustic cavity helps deliver a punchy rhythmic bass that rocks your gaming experience time and time again!


Hear the Reality in Comfort

The Predator Galea 300 gaming headset puts you right inside the game, giving you the ability to hear and not just see the exact location of elements within the game: the assassin creeping in from behind or the bullets shooting toward you from enemy outside the field of sight.

Cinematic Audio Experience

Turn your headphones into a top-of-the-line gaming or movie theater sound system with immersive real sound experience. Featuring a driver diaphragm made from bio-cellulose with rubber surround, the Predator Galea 300 headset delivers clear highs with resounding lows, while a unique acoustic cavity helps deliver punchy rhythmic bass.

Professional Audio Tuning

TrueHarmony & 40mm driver with biological cellulose dynamic film delivers high resolution, dynamic acoustics which deeply enhance your gaming experience. Beside excellent performance in gaming, it also provides precision positioning and strong bass for listening all types of music or vivid video watching.

High Compatibility

Enjoy music anytime, anywhere. Equipped with 3.5mm connector. Supporting platforms: PC, NB, (Windows 7/8/10 & iOS 10.1 & higher) and mobile devices (iOS, Android 4.1 higher).

Withstands your Battles

It is all about the comfort. The adjustable and suspended headband design ensures proper fit and maximal comfort for long hours of use while the TPU cord with gold plated 3.5mm connector is tough enough for all the battles ahead.

Crystal Clear Voice

The omni-directional microphone is designed for clear communication enabling you to clearly deliver or receive messages while you are gaming. Its retractable design offer quick access and storage.

More from the Manufacturer

  • Listen to distinct sounds from both the speakers in stereo sound mode
  • Hear low subs and soaring vocals with a frequency range of sound from 20 Hz-20 kHz
  • Features Gold Plated connector that provides optimal connectivity for home stereo equipments
  • Features a universal 3.5mm (1/8") port
  • Circumaural design provides optimum comfort and noise isolation

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