Super Mario Pink Mushroom Kandi Necklace, Perler Necklace, Beaded Rave Necklace

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Brand: Kandi Gear

Color: Multi15


  • Over 20 different Kandi Necklaces to choose from!
  • Hand made, hand washed, hand polished and buffed for the smoothest look and feel
  • Made by raver for ravers because we know what you need!
  • Grab a Kandi Gear kandi cuff, necklace, and mask to create a full rave outfit to remember.
  • Changing the kandi game since 2013 and spreading love one bead at a time. PLUR <17

Details: Making the finest perler bead kandi necklaces since 2013 Kandi Gear will blow you away with this selection. With over 20 different kandi necklaces there is a style for every raver or music festival goer out there. These necklaces pair perfectly with our kandi masks and kandi cuffs to create the best rave outfit on the dance floor. Pick up a whole set and represent PLUR with our kandi necklaces and other kandi accessories only from Kandi Gear <3.

EAN: 0692103170829

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