THE ORIGINAL Balance Fit Ball Office Chair, Adjustable Desk Stool - Ergonomic Office Chair

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Brand: coreseat


  • PERFECT SOLUTION for SITTING DESKS The unique shape of the seat will ensure your core remains active and spine in the correct position all day. Allowing you to relax and let that creativity flow. Welcome to the world of Active Sitting!
  • FUN, STYLE and FUNCTION all in one cool chair. The adjustable size of our chair lets you pick the height you want, letting you use it with a regular desk no matter how tall you are.
  • STRENGTHEN YOUR CORE and maximize the benefits of a traditional balance ball with our sturdy ball chair! Increased circulation, constantly working your core, and supporting your back and shoulders, all combined with the practicality of an office chair. Our yoga ball chair lets you get work done in a fun, functional way that manages to be good for you. This stability ball office chair lets you work your muscles while sitting.
  • MAKE YOUR BALL CHAIR FIT YOU! Our fitness ball chair is incredibly customizable and can be adjusted to fit virtually any size. Whether you prefer a firmer chair or want to sink into it, you can adjust the inflation of our yoga ball office chair to fit to your preferences. Want to change the look of your exercise chair? Use one of our lycra covers to customize your fitness ball office chair even further and really make it your own!
  • TRUSTWORTHY DURABILITY. We want you to trust our sItting desk chair so we designed it using top-of-the-line materials that can be put to constant use. The high-quality chrome base of the chair supports up to 280 pounds, and the ball itself is designed with an 18 inch anti-burst plastic BOSU balance ball. This chair has been thoroughly tested and comes with a full 3 year warranty, so you can be sure it will support you for the long run!

Binding: Health and Beauty

Publisher: Coreseat

Details: Intuitive Designs for Intuitive Minds! The Coreseat stability ball chair will delight and intrigue those who use it and those around them. The yoga ball makes it part chair for the office and part exercise equipment, giving you a way to maintain your fitness while you sit. Keeping the Creativity Flowing Our backless stool turns any environment into one that’s inspirational and productive! The Coreseat fitness ball chair for your desk looks great and allows you the freedom to move around! With freedom to use it however you like, our standing desk chair is adjustable to any office space and style. Use it For More than Just the Office! Make a creative addition to your kitchen by using this funky backless stool ball chairs instead of regular bar stools! It’s also the perfect way to get creative at the drafting table, or whenever you’re applying makeup. Using our well-built stability exercise ball chair for more than just the office desk, classroom, is another way to really experience the difference it can make in your health. Incredible Fun with a Healthy Side Effect Supplement your gym time with passive exercising by using this ball chair throughout your day, constantly engaging those developing ab muscles. Improve Your Posture and Spinal Alignment! Building up the muscles around your midsection not only results in a well-toned summer body, but it also protects one of the body’s most vital spots: your lower back. Sitting properly and engaging your core also helps your spine maintain proper alignment, adding to your overall health. Adjustable Sizes Great balance ball chair for anyone between 4.2 Feet - 6.5 Feet in height. Color Black plastic ball with customizable covers.

Package Dimensions: 19.0 x 18.5 x 7.5 inches

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